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June 21, 2021

GLOBAL CREDIT BULLETS | Monday, 21st June 2021

Fed – Expecting inflation to remain above 2% until 2023.The Fed surprised markets by bringing forward its guidance for rate hikes, now signaling 2 hikes in 2023 instead of a...

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June 14, 2021

The Pandemic Revolution: Macroeconomics in the Post-Covid World

Like for the 2008 financial crisis, the Covid pandemic has shown that the current economic system based on limited liability firms operating solely for the shareholder ultimately rests upon the...

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June 7, 2021

ESG – taking action for positive change – Silvia Merler

ESG is front-of-mind across many industries, with the financial services sector demonstrating innovation and commitment to adopting the appropriate approach. Algebris is fully committed in its efforts to achieve and...

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Entirely independent of the commercial operations of Algebris (UK) Limited, the Forum is designed to contribute to the promotion of a strong and a balanced European economy, underpinned by a sound financial system and supported by a transparent regulatory and fiscal environment, for the benefit of societies as a whole. 

Algebris acknowledges its responsibilities to contribute to a sustainable future. As such, it is our aim to ensure that we can continuously improve the environmental impact of our business as well as the impact on our community and the society at large, and that our commitment to sound and ethical business conduct is delivered.

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