Our Mission

Generating sustainable income for our investors

Our Values

We are guided in everything we do by a set of values that define our identity and culture.   They have been at the core of Algebris since its inception, over ten years ago.  These enduring principles are the shared convictions that we constantly bring to our conduct and a key strength of our business.


We are committed to operate responsively and intelligently. Professionalism and tenacity are our driving forces


We live by trust and have a clear understanding that it is something we must earn every day


We invest alongside our clients, so our capital and reputation are always on the line

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We foster an environment that encourages creativity and rewards self-initiative


We feel lucky to be working together. We believe the best results stem from sharing of knowledge, experience and communal efforts


We promote an open and inclusive culture globally. Different backgrounds, diverse talent and new perspectives inspire us and make us stronger