Antonio Volpin

Antonio Volpin joins Algebris as Senior Investment Director.

Antonio has over 30 years of global experience in the energy and sustainability sector.

From 1993 to 2022 he worked for McKinsey&Company, where he became a partner in 1999 and senior partner in 2004. From 2008 to 2022 he led McKinsey’s Electric Power and Natural Gas practice, first from the London office and, in recent years, from the Singapore office.

He has served as a consultant to many of the world’s leading power companies on all five continents. In addition, he has advised government agencies in Europe and Asia on how to change the regulation of the electricity sector to accelerate the energy transition.

He has authored numerous white papers over the past two decades that have anticipated trends such as the emergence of renewable technologies and the need for changes in business models for energy companies.

From 2017 to 2022, he was one of three members of the advisory board of Jera, Asia’s largest energy company outside China, based in Tokyo. Since 2023, he has been an independent member of the Board of Directors of SP Group in Singapore.

Antonio has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Padua, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from SDA Bocconi.