ELTIF Hedge Invest-Algebris: Offering an Authentic Contribution to Italy’s Development

Investing in Italy: why now? How to contribute to the authentic development of the country? What are the opportunities? Alex Lasagna, Deputy CEO of Algebris, spoke about this during the web conference “Private Banking and real economy: a winning combination” organized by MondoInvestor and Associazione Italiana Private Banking (AIPB) on 9 July 2020. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the opportunities for the Italian economy to develop with a panel of authoritative speakers, including, among others, Stefano Gaspari, Sole Director of MondoInvestor, Paolo Langè and Antonella Massari, respectively President and Secretary General of AIPB.

“The partnership between Hedge Invest SGR and Algebris Investments has generated HI Algebris Italia ELTIF,” says Alex Lasagna, “the perfect vehicle to bring financial and economic resources to the Italian mid- and small-caps, the beating heart of the country’s economy and which today are still largely financed by the Italian banking system. Alternative PIRs, on the other hand, can be a valid solution to the financing of these excellences”. HI Algebris Italia ELTIF is in fact one of the very first European Long Term Investments Funds under the European law that can be placed on the Italian market and complies with the relevant regulation provided for in the Italian Relaunch Decree.

“We want to be a reference point for new-share issues (IPOs) and pre-IPOs in this sector, both for the listed aspect and for the capital increase”, continues Lasagna. The fund aims to create value by focusing on Italian mid- and small-caps, either listed or willing to list, with a capitalisation of less than 500 million euros and over a medium-long time horizon (5 years).

Please note the speech is only in Italian.