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Davide Serra with Sir Nicholas Clegg and Matteo Renzi launch the “Algebris Policy & Research Forum”, a new think tank contributing to the European debate

Davide Serra with Sir Nicholas Clegg and Matteo Renzi launch the “Algebris Policy & Research Forum” and issue its first policy & research paper “The Eurozone: A Positive but Unequal Game”.

The Algebris Policy & Research Forum (“The Forum”) is a not-for-profit advisory think-tank designed to promote and encourage a strong and a balanced economy in Europe, based on a sound financial system supported by a transparent regulatory and fiscal environment for the benefit of societies as a whole by sharing expert knowledge and research with the public, governmental and non-governmental bodies.

The Forum will publish expert reports and recommendations on financial topics that address the stability of the global economy and politics including European integration, political issues (e.g. immigration, trade policy), macroeconomic trends (e.g. wage stagnation, income inequality), digital services and tax avoidance.

The Forum is entirely independent of the commercial operations of Algebris (UK) Limited.

Current members of the Forum, established over the summer, are Sir Nicholas Clegg, Chairman, Matteo Renzi and Davide Serra. Other potential candidates are being currently short-listed. By the end of the year, the Forum is expected to include five members.

The first paper of the Forum, “The Eurozone: A Positive but Unequal Game”, has been published on the Algebris website. The report analyses in detail the economic gains that the Eurozone has so far brought to its members and assesses the costs of leaving it by a sample of countries (Germany, France, Spain and Italy).