Green Transition Fund

Algebris Green Transition Fund acquires a majority stake in Omnisyst S.p.A.

It is the first acquisition of the private equity fund dedicated to green investments.

Milan, 28th July 2022 –Algebris Investments’ first private equity fund, the Algebris Green Transition Fund (the “Fund”), is acquiring a majority stake in Omnisyst S.p.A. (“Omnisyst”), the leading Italian provider of waste management solutions for industrial and commercial clients. This will be the fund’s first investment. The Algebris Green Transition Fund will acquire 70% of the share capital of Omnisyst from Ezio Speziali, founder and current CEO, who will remain CEO and a 30% shareholder.

Omnisyst provides services in waste management, logistics, waste treatment, recycling, and material recovery to the private sector. Omnisyst has a fully digital process and real-time traceability, thanks to proprietary software that allows the company to monitor and offset waste management-related carbon emissions.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano (Milan), Omnisyst has revenues of approximately 40 million euros, EBITDA of around 6.5 million euros and 30 employees across Italy.

The Algebris Green Transition Fund recently closed its first round of fundraising, with commitments of around 200 million euros from major Italian and international institutional investors.

Luca Valerio Camerano, Managing Director and Senior Partner of the Algebris Green Transition Fund, comments:

The majority stake in Omnisyst marks our intention to be at the forefront of ESG investments. Companies across sectors are looking to map and manage their waste cycles effectively, as well as reduce production of materials and dependency on industrial producers for scarce natural resources. Omnisyst’s solutions allow companies to include waste as a new chapter of value creation and ensure adequate management of the entire journey of waste, reducing companies’ business risks and costs.”

Ezio Speziali, Founder and CEO of Omnisyst, further comments:

“From its origin, Omnisyst is committed to providing the best operational and digital service to the system of industrial companies in an area of ​​activity that requires high professionalism. The founding concept of the brand is in fact, the “Value of Responsibility”, which has guided and inspired the company’s growth in recent years. In this sense, it came naturally to update the profound meaning of Responsibility, incorporating in our mission also the “ESG Value” and “Digital Transformation Value’’, which together represent a very strong combination in creating a sustainable, digital and circular future. For this reason, there is a strong synergy between the Omnisyst brand and the Algebris Green Transition Fund. We are thrilled to have a new travel companion of primary standing.”

The acquisition is expected to be finalised by the end of the first week of August. The Algebris Green Transition Fund was advised by the team of Francesco Puntillo of Gianni Origoni as legal adviser, EY as financial, tax, IT, HR and ESG adviser. Ezio Speziali was advised by the lawyer Carla Mambretti of Gattai, Minoli, Partners as legal adviser, by PwC Deals as tax and administrative adviser, and by Intermonte as financial adviser. Omnisyst was advised by BIP as industrial adviser and Paolo Mancini as debt adviser, for the acquisition debt provided by BPM and BPER.