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HI Algebris Italia ELTIF | Why investing in Italian SMEs now?

Despite the constant economic and political uncertainty worsened by Covid pandemic, Italian SMEs still provide an interesting opportunity to invest in rapidly growing companies. The country’s troubled macroeconomic situation allows for what we can call “Italian discount” Italian SMEs excel in their respective niches, because of industry knowledge and domestic drivers, reducing vulnerability to global trade conditions compared to large caps.

HI Algebris Italia ELTIF is one of the first European Long Term Investments Funds to be distributed on the Italian market and combines the possibility of contributing to the relaunch of the real economy with the advantages of the favourable tax regime envisaged by the PIR Alternativi Italian regulation.

The fund invests in Italian small and mid-caps with a long-term view (5 years), especially focusing on companies in the IPO or pre-IPO phase, with market capitalization below €500m. We select SMEs with strong growth potential, led by forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have developed specific know-how in their niche markets.

Thanks to HI Algebris Italia ELTIF we aim to become a reference point for companies that want to expand with private capital, offering investors a way to contribute to Italy’s growth, investing in the best small and medium-sized enterprises that are at the core of the Italian economic system.

Algebris Founder and CEO, Davide Serra, our Deputy CEO Alex Lasagna and Luca Mori, HI Algebris Italia ELTIF Portfolio Manager, will guide through this interesting investment opportunity we developed in partnership with Hedge Invest, in the below video (Italian-only).