Algebris hires Co-Portfolio Manager to the Global Credit Team

Algebris Investments, the global asset manager specialising in financial credit and equity, announces the appointment of Samuel Sibony, who joins the team as Co-Portfolio Manager, managing $620m in the Global Credit Opportunities strategies. James Friedman will continue to lead the team as Lead Portfolio Manager. The Global Credit Opportunities strategies are managed on the basis of a team approach with Samuel working alongside the members of the existing Global Credit Opportunities portfolio management team – Gabriele Foà (Co-Portfolio Manager), Simone Mallardi (Co-Portfolio Manager) and Lennart Lengeling (Investment Analyst).

Samuel Sibony joins from DC Advisory, where he was a senior member of the London-based restructuring team, covering deals in the UK and the EU. Prior to DC Advisors, he was a Senior Analyst at Attestor Capital, a London-based distressed hedge fund. Samuel spent eight years at Chris Hohn’s Children’s Investment Fund between 2011 and 2019, where he managed corporate debt investments on a global scale. He started his investment career at Barclays Capital.

Davide Serra, Founder & CEO of Algebris, said: “Samuel is a highly regarded professional in his field and will bring a wealth of experience to our Global Credit team. He possesses an impressive track record working for almost 20 years with some of the most prestigious firms globally.

We look forward to welcoming him to Algebris and I am confident that his expertise and sector knowledge will make the Global Credit Opportunities strategies even more compelling for investors. Meanwhile, we will continue to invest in talent and are looking to add further high-calibre resources to the team, to ensure the best possible coverage across the investment universe.”  

Sebastiano Pirro, CIO of Algebris, commented: “We are pleased to have Samuel join the team, at a time when global credit markets require extensive experience to navigate. Samuel’s wealth of knowledge will allow us to continue to find the opportunities our clients expect, ensuring we can deliver competitive results at a challenging time for markets.”