Green Transition Fund

Algebris launches a dedicated environmental business unit led by Valerio Camerano

Algebris Investments announces the launch of a team dedicated to the environment and sustainability that will be led by Valerio Camerano. The addition to the firm’s existing offering further demonstrates its commitment to energy and environmental transition.

Climate change and its effects have profound implications for global markets and how investors, both private and institutional, are able to access them. As such, it is incumbent on policy makers, representatives of the industrial and financial sectors and investment managers, to take an active and accountable role in addressing these implications to create positive change.

As a responsible investor, Algebris Investments has proven to be fully aware of, and sensitive, to these issues. The firm’s ESG credentials are embedded and it is committed to continually evolving its approach, as demonstrated by this latest development.

As head of the new team, Mr Camerano will work alongside the existing investment teams at Algebris Investments. He will have an initial focus on the Italian market, with a view to expanding the investment offering in the future.

The main objective of the new business unit will be to launch a range of initiatives that combine value creation with environmental and social responsibility, building on Algebris Investments’ existing capabilities by leveraging new expertise.

The decision to launch this new unit is a response to the urgent and undeniable call for a new dimension to the investment management approach to sustainability and is a sign of Algebris Investments’ willingness to act as a leader to positively influence business players, policy makers and public authorities.

Mr Camerano has gained significant experience in the infrastructure, energy and environmentally-focused industries during his career. He was CEO of A2A Group (which focuses on evolving essential services to meet the needs of contemporary lifestyles while respecting long-term sustainability). Before that, he held similar roles for over 10 years at Engie, Enel and Camuzzi and worked in the financial sector for Citibank.

“Integrating ESG objectives into investments and corporate strategies is a priority for the competitiveness globally.”, said Davide Serra, Algebris’ Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to welcome Valerio: his appointment is in line with our commitment to make sustainable investment a pillar of our value creation as a firm and for our investors and partners”.

Mr Camerano said “I am excited to join the team at Algebris Investments and contribute to a firm that consistently demonstrates passion and determination to achieve excellence. I strongly believe we will be able to build innovative and strong solutions in this exciting and vital field for our clients.”