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Algebris Policy & Research Forum (the “Forum”) is a not-for-profit advisory forum, entirely independent of the commercial operations of Algebris (UK) Limited.

The Forum is designed to contribute to the promotion of a strong and a balanced European economy, underpinned by a sound financial system and supported by a transparent regulatory and fiscal environment, for the benefit of societies as a whole.

The Forum will publish expert reports and recommendations on European economic policy issues, and share its expert knowledge and research with the public as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions.

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Covid-19 Tracker

How is the COVID-19 situation evolving across countries while we await the mass rollout of vaccines in 2021 and beyond? The Algebris Big Data & AI team presents our in-house developed data application to help track the pandemic trajectory and the corresponding changes in activity levels.

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Issue 4

April 2020

COVID-19 IN ITALY. An early estimate of the impact on the economy.

Issue 3

September 2019

Budgeting for Uncertainty: Time for Eurozone fiscal risk sharing.

Research Collab

May 2019

Game of Brains. 21st century Italian emigration

Issue 2

March 2019

Europeans Vote: An Existential Moment for EU Integration?

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